You will need
  • - A PC with Internet access
  • - Knowledge of the name and surname of the desired person
  • - Place of residence, profession, Hobbies of the desired person and possession of other information of a personal nature
  • The picture of this man
Enter the name of a lost person in the line search engines like "Google" or "Yandex". The system will give you the sites that mentions the name of the desired person. Of course, in this case, the risk of error, because of namesakes abound on the web.
Look you are interested in the person in social networks. Most of them have a convenient search, which offers search by name, age and city of residence. The most popular resources in your detective work you just have to visit: "Classmates" (, VK (, Facebook (, "friends" (, "My world" ( There are also websites with people search by geography, for example, "Neighbors online" ( If you know the town where your former neighbor on the Desk, you can search online telephone directory of subscribers of the city you want.
Look for the right person and possible detours if the previous search was not successful. Know that a friend is successful in his career? Please visit the "Professionals" ( Also at work you can try to find the person on Twitter ( There is information that the classmate had recently become a mother? Your way to child-parent sites, for example, "Baby blog" ( You know that one was fond of tourism or breeding cats? Try to give ads in the relevant community "Live journal" ( Former colleagues at the website
To find a man only in his photographs. For this there are special sites. The only negative — most of them in English. For example, the site after uploading the image gives the user all the same image. Also try to find a lost photo on the site and Note that today the search for photos of the most inefficient.
A foreign citizen can be found via the website "People" (