You will need
  • The ICQ program installed on the computer, access to the Internet.
Run the program and click on the "Add/find users". The result will appear a new window with multiple tabs. If you know the name, email address or nickname of the other, then you need "Simple search".
Enter the other. In corresponding lines, you must enter what you know about your friend. It is easiest if you know the icq number or email address. In this case, you will be able to find exactly the person you need. Otherwise, you can enter estimated friend's nickname, his name and surname, then the program can provide you with several user choice, as various "kings" and Ivanov Petrov in the global network very much, will have to consider everyone.
Define your friend. Out of the total number of users, issued by the program, you need to find what you need. This will help the column gender/age. Knowing the date of birth of the other, it is possible to identify it. If age-appropriate people a few, have all write messages.
Find new friends in ICQ. In addition to finding real friends, icq is famous for the opportunity of making new friends. To do this, again click on the icon "Add/find users" and open the tab "Global search".
Enter the details of the alleged friends. Here you write whatever you want – gender, age, country, interests, profession, even can specify the name of the person you wish to communicate.
Choose a suitable one from the list. In the selection result you will get many users. Pay attention to those around nicknames of which "flower" green – this means that the user is online, and you can immediately start tweeting.
Send selected message to a user. It can be a standard "hi, how's it going?" or something new and different that is sure to interest the interlocutor, and he wants to answer you.