You will need
  • - licensed version of Windows;
After the purchase of a personal computer, purchase the licensed version of the Windows operating system. Rely on the performance of your PC. If RAM less than 2 GB, get an Window XP SP3 and, for computers with memory more than 2 Gb you can use Windows Vista SP2 or Windows 7 SP1.
As your hard disk clean, install the operating system in the BIOS. Insert the disk in the drive. Just in the process of starting computer, press “F8” or “Delete” (depending on model PCs). Menu opens VOA. Open the tab, select the load priority. Install first the CD/DVD-ROM, second Hard Disc (HDD). Hit “Esc” to “y”. Will start rebooting the system and read data from the disk.
Opens the setup menu. You will have the right of choice of the installation in automatic mode or semi-automatic. Specify the required option. Copying starts Windows boot files on your personal computer. Then start the selection menu of the virtual partition. As previously on this hard drivee was no operating system, it is necessary to divide it into virtual partitions independently (at least two “C” and “D”).
Install Windows on drive C. the process of copying of files, specify the account name and the password for it. Select the time zone where you are.
After the end of the installation process the operating system will start and you will see the desktop. Manager installation prompts you to install the drivers. Download from the manufacturer's website "fresh" drivers for my video card, sound card and motherboard. After the installation, restart the computer.