You will need
  • - A Windows installation disc.
In the setup of Windows operating systems contains functions for formatting the hard drive. Insert the disk that contains the installation files for the system drive and turn on the computer. Hold the F8 key. After the menu containing the list of equipment which can continue the download, select the DVD drive. Press the Enter key.
After some time, hit an arbitrary key to start the process of preparing the computer to install operating system. When working with the installation disk Windows XP follow the step by step menu to display the window by selecting the partition to install the OS.
Select the desired local drive and press Enter. In the menu select "Format in NTFS" and press F to confirm the start of the process. Installing Windows XP operating system will start automatically after the cleaning section.
When working with disks Windows 7 and Vista, wait for the menu to appear containing the list of existing partitions. Click the "drive options", select the partition you want to install a new system, and then click "Format". Click on the "Yes" button in the opened window with a warning.
Now, once again, highlight the desired section and click the "Install" button to start this process. In this case, you can choose any other local drive. Remember that for successful installation of Windows Seven, you need 15 GB of free space on the selected partition. If you plan to install large programs, it is best to select a local drive that is larger than 40 GB.
If you need to save some files before formatting the hard disk, then connect this device to another computer. Back up any important data on that partition you will not be installing the new OS.