You will need
  • - statement on form Р130001 and Р140001, signed by the CEO and certified by a notary;
  • - copy of certificate on state registration (certificate on assignment OGRN);
  • - copy of the certificate on statement on the tax account (a certificate of assignment of INN to the firm);
  • - Charter of company in new edition;
  • - copy of Charter (in Moscow) or more original documents;
  • solutions or protocols on the establishment and appointment of the General Director;
  • - certificate of incorporation from the time of the last modification;
  • documents about payment of state duty for re-registration and notarized copies of the Charter.
Make changes to the Charter of OOO , and create a Protocol of General meeting of founders or sole decision, if in OOO .For this you can download online model Charter of a new sample or ask for help from a lawyer or consultant (Agency) to business development. In the presence of the lawyer it is better to entrust this work to him. Or to seek the assistance of a third party, if between it and your company signed the contract for legal assistance. It is possible that in this case, service will be provided within the subscription fee, if that is stipulated in your contract.
Collect a full package of documents (see "requires") for submission to the tax office. The application for registration of changes in Charter and making changes to entities must sign and notarize the Director-General.Fresh certificate of incorporation reflecting recent changes, is taken to the tax inspection.Registration fee should be paid strictly from the settlement account of OOO and provide the payment order marked by the Bank. The receipt of cash on behalf of individuals can not accept.
With a ready package of documents WIPO Director General addresses during working hours in the tax office and if everything is in order, to put the law gets re-registration certificate and the current certificate of incorporation and a certified copy of the Charter or original. To pick up the documents, maybe a third party by power of attorney, signed by the first persons of the company and its seal.Depending on the region to address this issue may be on serving the legal address of the enterprise, or an individual registered on.