Renaming of a limited liability company require amending the Charter by its presentation in the new edition. For this it is necessary to convene a General meeting of members and register Protocol appropriate decision. The new articles of Association subject to state registration with the tax authority. After this you need to produce a new print. Further on the renaming of the society should notify the statistics authorities, pension Fund and other state bodies where the company is registered and/or where to submit statements. If the company received a new name, is a member of other business companies, they also required changes in the constituent documents.
If you change the name of your company will be required to renew licenses and other authorization documents, issued to the company. The same applies to powers of attorney on representation of interests of the enterprise. If the limited liability company owned intellectual property (trade mark, trademark, patent, etc.), you must re-register and rights on them.
Re-registration is subject and the right to immovable and movable property registered in a company in the public registries. Change the name of your company entails re-registration of Bank accounts, corporate payment cards, checkbooks, etc.
The new name of the limited liability company requires a review of all previously concluded agreements. They need to be additions, which should be presented in a new wording the preamble of the Treaty and details of the parties. If changes are made in contracts, which was notarized in the same manner are prepared and the relevant additional agreement. In the case when the LLC works with contractors without contracts, they need to give written notice of the name change.
If the company is a party to ongoing trials, to change its name must notify the courts. This is done by filing an application with the request to recognize the company with a new name procedural successor.