The need to make changes to the Charter documents of the company may occur not only in these cases. To re-register the documents you will need, if there is a change in the shares of the founders or the passport data has changed some of them, was replaced the legal address or to make additions and changes to the list of those types of activities dealt with by the company.
To make adjustments in constituent documentation is also necessary in the following circumstances: in the event of a change of management bodies and their powers, to adapt the content of documents in line with the new legislative provisions, change the provisions of the constitutive documents. And they will be changed in the event of a reorganization in various forms, as well as the establishment of branches or representative offices, the allocation of separate divisions.
Depending on the number of the changes, consider how to reflect them better. Sometimes it is advisable to completely rewrite the founding documents, and not to draw the leaves change.
Hold a General meeting of founders on which you decide on amendments. Make the decision Protocol, which must be signed by all meeting participants (founders). Get in the tax office – your registration on the form of application for registration of the changes in form Р13001 "the Statement on state registration of amendments to the constituent documents of the legal person". Fill it in, but do not sign. If the number of sheets more than one statements, they should be numbered and pressureat.
In the presence of a notary sign the application for state registration. Reassure him the decision of the General meeting on amendments to the constituent documents and the modified documents. Attach the payment receipt of state duty and pass a package of these documents to the tax office for registration in the register. Be sure to make an inventory of the documents on which the office of the tax Inspectorate should check that they are accepted and the acceptance date. Term of registration and registration changes – 5 working days.