Changing the legal address of a legal entity, refers to the changes associated with changes in the constituent documents. The decision to make changes of the legal address issued by a decision or Protocol. The decision is issued, if the company is established by one person, the Protocol – if the founders included one or more persons.
The head of the Executive body, i.e. General Director or Director, you are sent notification of the time and place of the meeting and directed questions that will be discussed at the meeting of the founders. To prepare meeting documents with the necessary changes. Make changes by creating a new Charter or amend the current Charter is at the discretion of the management bodies of a legal entity.
A vote is taken the decision about the necessary changes, signed the Protocol or the decision, approved by the new changes, is assigned to the person responsible for the preparation of documents and the transfer of information to the registering authority. To make changes you must pay the state fee. Payment details can be found on the website of the tax authority performing registration activities or at the information booth in the building most of the tax.
For the registration authority must prepare two copies of the new Charter or amendments to the original Protocol or decision, application form No. Р13001 on submission of information related to the change in statutory documents. The application should be made in a single copy shall be notarized, signed by the head of the Executive body.
Additionally, the tax authority should submit documents confirming the legality of the specified legal address. If the address of the rented premises, you need to provide a copy of the certified lease agreement, a letter from the owner stating that he has no objection to the registration of a legal entity, the address of the object belonging to him by right of ownership and a copy of the certificate of title to the property. If the property belongs to a legal entity, it is enough to provide a copy of the certificate of title.
Documents are accepted by the tax Inspectorate for the receipt, verification of the submitted documents and changes in the unified state register of legal entities is five working days. In the receipt the date of receipt of documents after registration. The legal entity will return one copy of constituent documents, the certificate on modification in the uniform state register of legal entities and extract from it.