Advice 1: How to learn to draw 3D drawings

Speaking of the 3D drawings, it should be noted that run them on almost any material, be it paper, wall, pavement or canvas. But one of the most fashionable and impressive ways - 3D image on the pavement. This is one of the branches of streetpainting or graffiti, a feature of which is that the drawings are done directly on asphalt. Such compositions are able to charm the audience, and looking at some of them it is difficult to find the boundary between pattern and reality.
How to learn to draw 3D drawings
Budding artists is better to start to practice on a plain sheet of paper, and then go out to do on the street. Even the most experienced craftsmen first make a sketch on paper and then transfer it to the pavement.
The basic concept associated with three-dimensional images is an artistic term "perspective", that is, the three-dimensional object in space. In order to understand how to portray anything voluminous on the plane, you need to have a well-developed spatial thinking.
To get a really spectacular 3D image, you need to choose a point of view, that is the position from which the artist and the viewer looks at the canvas, or sheet asphalt. With selected points of your figure and will seem three-dimensional. Then you have to decide where the light falls on your drawing, because this will depend on the location of the shadows in the image, namely the shadows and give a flat drawing depth. Get started creating images remember that bulky items are drawn darker closer to the edges, and lighter in the center, if the light is on them according to your idea falls in the front. If the light is incident on the object side, your figure will be correspondingly lighter on the side where is located the intended light source, and darker on the opposite side.
Better start to learn to draw simple geometric rectangular shapes – cubes and parallelepipeds. To do this, draw three axes, and position them on the drawing, as is done in geometry class. Gradually improving their skills, move on to a rounded and more complex images, and then discard the auxiliary axes. For the first works also recommend that you choose black-and-white drawings, and then gradually start experimenting with color.
If you want your picture looked on the pavement effectively, no need to make it a clear rectangular boundaries. Background it is desirable to select such a shade, to correspond with the color of the surface on which you apply it.

Advice 2 : How to draw three-dimensional drawings on asphalt

Three-dimensional drawings on asphalt are the relatively new field of street painting. The 3D drawings look dimensional with only one point defined by the artist. Therefore, in order to learn how to create beautiful paintings, it should be remembered that the basis of this art form are the knowledge about the perspective and optical illusion.
Three-dimensional drawings on asphalt

Drawing on paper

Perhaps the first and one of the most important rules – not to neglect the preparatory work and remember that all future masterpieces must first be created on paper. First, it is a much easier process, and secondly, it will be much easier to correct mistakes. Before to draw on paper a picture, consider where you will place the light source. This is very important because depending on this you will have the shadow of an object which makes it bulky.
Beginners are recommended to begin with simple geometrical bodies. for Example, to draw on the paper square and circle, and then using knowledge about projection of figures in three-dimensional coordinate system, to transform them into the cube and the ball.

The portrayal of shadows

Having defined the location of the light source, you can start drawing shadows. Here you need to know a few things. First, in the process of shading of the pieces should move from the dark side to light. If, according to the idea, the light should fall from the front, then the middle of the object to leave the light and shading to do in the direction of the contours. Secondly, drawing the shadows that the objects cast on the surface, it should be remembered that they must be in opposite from the light side. Those who know how to work with Photoshop, you can draw a picture with it.

Preparing to transfer the sketch onto the asphalt

Beautiful pattern on the paper is only half the story. For pattern transfer to the asphalt should make it mesh into small squares of equal size, which will allow you to reproduce an image more accurately and precisely. You must then prepare the place where you will work: thoroughly cleanse it from various debris. While it is best, of course, choose level areas. And remember that three-dimensional figure has an elongated shape, therefore, it is necessary to calculate the required space. Drawings are usually executed in crayon or spray paint. In the first case chalk should be rubbed to consolidate, so not to damage the skin on the fingers, it is better to prepare in advance for this plastic bags.

Drawing on asphalt

When you transfer drawing from paper to pavement, you should be very careful and not to hurry, since the fix made the error will be difficult. For those who want to achieve heights in creating three-dimensional paintings, you can see the working process of the artist Julian beaver.
Renowned British artist Julian beaver when creating their masterpieces, uses the camera on the tripod, placing it at the very point in which the picture comes to life. In it, he checks every label.
But there are some basic rules that should be followed. First, when performing a color picture it is desirable to select the background so that it was as close to the color of the road surface. Secondly, in the process of creating three-dimensional paintings you need to move from top to bottom. Thirdly, it is desirable to avoid smooth, clearly delineated contours. Fourth, work better in the days when the sun is out. And finally, we must always remember the point where a simple drawing becomes three-dimensional, and focus on it.
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