First and foremost you need to address to the neuropathologist. Remember, the faster you do, the more successful the treatment. Do not assume that I had sedated you to cope with the disease. In the treatment of anxiety syndrome and requires a holistic approach. In addition, anxiety disorders manifest as different symptoms and in a state of panic and the expectation of disaster. Quite often a nervous disease accompanied by nausea, stomach pain and dizziness.
One of the key points to treat anxiety syndrome is psychotherapy. Classes are conducted both group and individual and include anger management, breathing exercises and training a relaxed attitude to the obsessive thoughts. The house will try to practice meditation, it is qualitatively affects the nervous system, helps you relax and certainly will not harm.
In combination with psychotherapy mandatory pass medication. There are several groups of drugs indicated for anxiety syndrome. Is benzodiazepine drugs, nebenzodiazepinova anxiolytics, antidepressants, antipsychotics. Don't get carried away with self-treatment. Only a specialist is competent to constitute an appropriate comprehensive treatment.
Positive influence the drugs that stimulate the brain and improve blood flow. Propene rate of piracetam or pantogam.
When receiving medicines to the cure of anxiety syndrome and refuse at least at this time from coffee, alcohol and cigarettes, as they increase the symptoms.
As a preventative, strengthening and calming means you can drink motherwort tincture or tea of calendula, marjoram, and tansy in the proportions 1:1:1. Good effect on the nervous system lemon balm, and mint.