The purification of the language from the RAID is good for health, because optimal sanitation of the oral cavity from pathogens. They not only create bad breath, but also cause tonsillitis, dental caries, gastrointestinal diseases and even heart disease. To cleanse the language from the white coating you can use cheesecloth, a tooth brush, a special brush for language, teaspoon. Of all the means select any and after brushing, proceed to the purification of the language.
How to treat white patches on the tongue
If purification using gauze, wrap the finger with it, and from the tongue root to the tip to remove plaque. After each stroke, rinse the means of cleansing the tongue under running water and repeat as long as the language does not become a uniform pink color with no signs of plaque. After cleansing, thoroughly rinse mouth and throat. The mechanism of purification by other means (brush, spoon) similar to that described above.
For a more deep cleansing of the language, you can use the sucking of vegetable oil. It promotes the release of toxins from the salivary glands, and therefore from the entire body, as each salivary gland lymph associated with certain organs and systems. It is worth noting that this method of cleansing the tongue and mouth may give you a temporary aggravation of disease, but the result exceeds all expectations.
Type in the mouth one tablespoon of vegetable oil and start to suck it as a candy for 15-20 minutes. In any case do not swallow it. When properly sucking the oil should thicken, then become liquid. Spitting the oil, pay attention to it – it must be white as milk. If the color of the oil remains yellow, it means that the procedure was performed incorrectly. After sucking the oil rinse your mouth thoroughly. Cleansing with oil is best done in the morning on an empty stomach, and to enhance the therapeutic effect – several times a day.
Cleansing of the tongue should be a daily procedure. It provides fresh breath and is a good prevention of many diseases.