Thoroughly clean the mouth brush, pay special attention to the language. Rinse mouth with a special fabric softener. And now, watch - if white patches appeared again less than three hours, then you need to visit a gastroenterologist. Most likely, you have problems with the gastrointestinal tract. White patches signal danger, so be vigilant. If you have time to visit a specialist and undergo treatment, you will forget that such a thing happens. Normally, the RAID should not appear on the language.
Try taking digestive drugs. If you have a bad stomach, this treatment should help you. Suitable Pancreatin or Mezim. In principle, the composition of these funds is identical, so you can choose any.
Clean the intestines with laxatives. Sometimes stagnation in the intestines causes problems with digestion and oral. Do an enema or take Magnesium. Herbal preparations will be very long to act and these will do as an emergency aid.
Stick to the diet. Do not eat fatty and smoked products, they may be responsible for a RAID on the language. Try to eat boiled and steamed food. If you notice an improvement, then your problems were associated with anything other than food.
Even if in the case of cleansing and diet plaque is formed, do not hesitate to go to the hospital. You can start the disease and to cure it then it will be difficult. Of course, if you find a RAID in the morning hours after sleep, don't worry, you're all right. But when it appears after cleansing almost immediately, this should alert you.