Causes of white patches on the tongue

The appearance of a white plaque on the tongue is caused by bacteria buildup in the mouth. So, if a white coating covered the Central part of the tongue and is accompanied by the presence of cracks, the signs indicate gastritis, duodenal ulcer or stomach. If the white spot is located at the root of the tongue, it may enterocolitis. With stomatitis, dysbacteriosis and fungal diseases are fully lined with a white coating (yellow coating on the tongue – problems with the pancreas). If the white plaque on the tongue and on the edges, on the face of the signs of lung disease. But the white stain from the back of the tongue indicates that problems in the work of the kidneys.
In infectious diseases of the white patches on the tongue occurs on the background of high temperature.

From time to time white patches can appear in each person. It occurs most commonly in the summer, less often in the winter. If the language has a thin coating, especially do not worry. But thick white coating indicates a serious problem, and the thicker the plaque and richer the color, the more advanced forms of the disease.

Treatment of white patches on the tongue

Before you start a fight with a white coating, it is recommended to find out the cause of its appearance. If the cause of the problem – an unbalanced diet, excessive consumption of strong tea or coffee, alcohol abuse, simply change your addiction and the RAID itself will disappear. Otherwise, it is recommended to immediately seek medical help.

Do not neglect personal hygiene. Clean the tongue twice a day from the rear, the basal part to the tip. It is better to use the toothpaste, as part of which are antibacterial agents. This toothpaste not only fights with a white coating, but also eliminates odor.
White coating on tongue babies – a reason to immediately contact a doctor.

To cure white patches on the tongue using the time-tested folk remedies. In this case, especially effective herbal teas of chamomile, yarrow, oak, sage, or St. John's wort. These medicines are used for rinsing the mouth after meals. But, unfortunately, these teas do not eliminate the cause of the appearance of a white plaque.

To get rid of white patches on the tongue will help with vegetable oil. To do this, take in the mouth 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil, and resolves it for 13-15 minutes. This oil is impossible to swallow: after the procedure, it spit out and the mouth rinsed with clean water. Waste oil takes on a whitish hue, but the tongue becomes clean. If the oil has not changed color, the procedure was performed incorrectly: it should be repeated.