Before you begin treatment, you need to clearly understand: another method for the treatment of inguinal hernia except surgical intervention, simply does not exist. The operation is not assigned only to those patients who simply contraindicated surgical intervention. Such patients should wear a bandage, but full recovery of such a tool brings. But don't worry about it. In order for the operation was successful and did not cause serious complications, you should know some things about her.
The surgery itself is a process during which a dissection of the hernia SAC. After this, all published bodies placed back to its place, and then is made of plastic of the inguinal canal.
When the process operation has passed, you can start preparing for surgery. Pre-evaluation. At this point, a doctor appointed by the blood and urine, biochemical blood analysis, and ultrasound can be administered in the area of the hernia, if it is necessary.
If you have surgery, be sure to reduce, and it is better to refrain from Smoking for several weeks prior to the date of assignment operations. Before surgery (8 hours before) it is prohibited to patients to eat.
The duration of the operation lasts from 30 minutes to a half hour. It all depends on the specifics of the case. If you need treatment for bilateral hernia, two hernias are not removed. The second bag is corrected only after a few months.
When the transaction is completed, the patient should for several days to lay. To stand up only 2-3 days. This is because during exercise increases intra-abdominal pressure, which adversely affects the condition of the postoperative wound.