According to the rules of etiquette coming to visit without an invitation and notice it is considered quite rude action. In the end, the owners can be business, work at home, cleaning, high temperature or in a bad mood. Some people possessed a thirst for communication and confident in his own irresistible, sincerely believe that their appearance at a party - a reason to drop everything and start having fun. To convince these visitors that they don't always choose the right time difficult, but realistic.
Unwelcome guest can be persuaded to leave right from the doorstep. To do this, think of something simple, but tedious job outside of the home. A trip to the store in this case is not appropriate, as the visitor will think you are trying for him, and offer to help. And here is the entry in the queue in the clinic or a visit to the passport office - good options. To turn your sparkling visit to a hospital or ZHEU your visitor won't want to. Of course, for credibility will have to dress and go in the right direction. On the other hand it will give you the opportunity to complete some boring things you've been putting off. For example, in the case appointment with the doctor or apply.
Most people understand the allusions, but some of us have to hint more directly. If you are just not welcome guest, really busy or not feeling well, so to say. And this should be done not in the form of the opposition: "I Have a headache and high fever, but you come in, make yourselves at home," and most harshly and unequivocally: "I feel bad, come back another time." Thus you may Arachite radiant mood of the visitor, but at the same time teach him to warn about his intention to visit in advance.
If an unwanted guest has entered to your apartment, sit on the couch and requires small talk, try to announce that soon you will join someone that your visitor for one reason or another can not stand. Try to demonstrate how you are excited for the future visit the second guest, how long you waited and how, finally, all successfully matched. With high probability your obsessive visitor will simply run away.
Sometimes guests penetrate into your house, pretending not to understand hints. You can play the same game and put the unwanted visitor out the door of his own methods. Try not to behave like the poor Bunny cartoon about Winnie-the-Pooh ("the Rabbit was very smart and very well-mannered"), and to use the methods of gruff Teddy bear. If a guest suggests that hungry because lunch is not had, do not rush to offer him the first, second and compote. Tell me, what in vain he applies to his stomach that really got to watch what you like, literally an hour ago, ate, and now to evening, and before morning, nothing.