Before you go to take decisive action, think how much you dependent on their friends and ready to break off the relationship. If you are a sociable person and without noisy companies do not represent life, it is better to start to think through with whom you will be spending the upcoming holidays, you are ready to relax in solitude, etc.
Learn to say no. If you phone keeps ringing, and the surrounding and then turn to you with requests, the more likely you are kind and reliable people. You can't disappoint a colleague or even casual acquaintance, not complying with his order. But sometimes you have to refuse, there is nothing to worry. To love you does not become less, but the annoying asylum diminished.
Refrain from idle talk at work. Consider whether to keep the endless debate in the Smoking room. There you not only get a fresh batch of gossip, but go with colleagues on an informal level of communication. And look, they will record you as a friend, to get rid of which will be particularly difficult. Still colleagues.
Explain to old friends that are tired of them. This can be done delicately. Not necessarily rude, just say you need some time to be alone. Experience shows that after such statements the ranks of friends are thinning noticeably.
Just change your circle of friends. Maybe you need new friends, old exhausted itself. This does not mean that your friends are useless people. Just everything has its logical end, including friendship.
If nothing helps, and so-called friends continue to get on your nerves, just stop answering the phone. Eventually they will understand that you don't intend to chat and leave you alone.