You will need
  • Cardboard box, fabric, glue (for example, versatile synthetic glue "Bustilat"), scissors, inch tape, ruler, marker on fabric.
To make a pattern on the sheet of paper (you can use newspaper). To calculate the pattern need to the height of box add 6 cm This will be allowances on the bend by 3 cm top and bottom. Next, calculate the perimeter of the sides of the box, i.e., the folded width of the four sides of the box. To this amount is added to 6 cm on allowances. Thus, from the data plotted on the sheet of paper a rectangle whose height corresponds to the height of the box + 6 cm and width = perimeter of the box + 6cm.
To the bottom attach the rectangle rectangle (square) with sides equal to the actual size of the bottom of the box. To the resulting figure add on 3 cm for allowances. In the end, will be illustrated by the figure. To check the resulting pattern can be folded by the form and attach to the box. This will help to identify defects in produced calculations and to correct the pattern.
Next, prepare the fabric. The fabric should be washed and ironed. This will prevent fabric shrinkage is already on the finished product. In accordance with the desired image prints on fabric lay out the prepared pattern. Next transfer the pattern to the fabric with a pen, pencil, chalk, soap, or a special marker on fabric. Cut out the resulting shape.
If the edge of the fabric much less the allowances at the bottom it is better to bend on the size of the box bottom and stitch on the machine. You can glue with an iron, using a special adhesive tape (serpyanku). The upper edge and one of the side edges it is also possible to stitch the "hem" or glue with the help of serpyanka.
On the surface of the box should apply a thin layer of glue and let it sit a little to dry.
Imposed on the edge of the box fabric from the raw edge so that the seam allowance is 3 cm on the previous side of the box. And the upper edge of the fabric extends above the top edge of the box. It goes in a circle, adhering tightly, wrapped box with a cloth. The processed edge of the fabric should be on top, not processed. Smoothes fabric over the surface of the box, removing the uneven distribution of the tissue box.
Lower allowances of the fabric is folded around and stuck to the bottom of the box. If necessary add glue to the surface of the box. Then tightly put on the bottom of the prepared fabric to the bottom of the box. Iron the fabric and presses for the bonding of tissue with the surface of the box.
Draw the top edge by bending the left margin of the fabric over the edge of the box. It may be necessary to add glue. Leave the carton to dry the adhesive.