You will need
  • Box, scissors, glue, old magazines and Newspapers, decoupage card, napkins, beads, rhinestones, twine.
Screw on the needle leaves from Newspapers or magazines. Cheat need aslant. Should get a thin tube. Glue the end of the sheet. The lid of the box draw any geometric figure. Stick the tube on the drawing. After the glue dried up, cut off the unnecessary protruding portions of the tubes. Around the perimeter of the cover, glue one tube. The rest of the boxes can be covered with paint or pasted with a film or cloth.
Scissors cut any fragments from magazines, postcards, tickets. The more, the better. You can use the scissors "zig-zag", or just to snatch a fragment of hands. Randomly glue the pictures on the box. Start to glue better with larger fragments. Pictures, who is on the edge of the box, podhisita inside (so they won't peel off when using the box). Wait until the glue dries and cover the box with acrylic paint.
Take a box of any shape. Cover it with acrylic paint in a single layer. After the paint is dry, start to decorate the box. Take the mulberry paper or plain cloth, tear it into small pieces. With the help of glue and brush to glue them on the box. You can make one or several layers. From decoupage card tear out or cut out 2-3 small fragment. Soak them for 15-20 seconds in warm water. Remove excess water and glue them on the box. On the rim of the lid stick the string or twine. Decorate the box at its discretion, beads, buttons, mosaic.