Adjust yourself to the fact that the decision to split will be irrevocable and final.
Call the guy and tell him you need to talk to him. But in any case, don't talk about your intention to break up by phone or by SMS, so you will cause him great emotional pain. In addition, he still wants to explain, will pursue you than will cause irritation. In this case, the probability that it will end the scandal, is very high.
Having met the guy, talk to him frankly. A calm tone and in a respectful manner explain to the young man that you noticed that the "spark of love" to his heart for a long time not burning. Tell him you think the breakup is the best way out of the situation .
Of course, young people will ask questions, particularly about why, in addition to the extinction of feelings. Be prepared, because depending on the nature of your boyfriend, he may provoke honest answers and even a fight. As it is better to part in peace, stay calm.
Get away from the life his boyfriend sharply! Temporarily change your lifestyle: change your phone number, do not visit night clubs in which you used to spend time together. In short, temporarily change the style of life. This will allow as quickly as possible to forget the guywith whom you broke up, and you personally.