You will need
  • - milk;
  • - sugar;
  • - condensed milk;
  • - powdered sugar;
  • - plastic film;
  • - gelatin;
  • - food colourings;
  • - confectionery spatula;
  • - candy marshmallows.
For the independent production of mastic , there are several options – a paste made from milk or of gelatin, or of candy, marshmallows. Easiest to prepare a milk paste. The same amount of milk and sugar mix in a bowl, then add the weight of condensed milk, all in proportions one to one. Achieve a viscous consistency similar to plasticine.
Then, the resulting mass give the necessary form – that is simply blind of her desired decorations (flowers, houses, etc.). If the mass sticks to the fingers – you should add powdered sugar. If too quickly solidifies the need to wrap it in plastic wrap.
A little more complicated in the preparation of gelatin paste. Gelatin soak for forty-sixty minutes in a little water, then heat in a water bath and refrigerate.
In a liquid cooled gelatin add the powdered sugar, by doing this gradually and stirring slightly with spatula mass. After mixing do you need decorations and let the mass cool down. Both mastic can be tinted with food coloring, making decorations for cake even more festive. It is necessary to consider the presence of allergies in people, who will use such ornaments, it is better about such trouble to ask in advance of your guests. For children it is also not desirable to eat foods that contain a lot of dyes. Similar decorations of mastic can be stored, if you give them how to dry.
Another rather interesting option is the preparation of mastic – marshmallow. This candy, similar in texture to a marshmallow, but more airy. For preparing such putty should slightly turn the heat on low heat for candy and when they become elastic, fashion jewelry with spatulas, not forgetting to pour the powdered sugar so the fondant doesn't stick much to the table, the fingers and the spatula. Ready the cooled figurines decorate the cake.