You will need
  • - powdered sugar;
  • - condensed milk;
  • - powdered milk;
  • - food colourings;
  • - food film.
Prepare the milk paste. In a wide bowl, mix the same amount powdered sugar and powdered milk, then pour condensed milk. Observe the ratio 1:1:1. Knead the mass until it resemble a smooth soft clay.
Divide the fondant into several pieces and paint each one the color you want with food coloring. Dip a wooden toothpick in the dry food coloring, then stick it plastic dough. Repeat the operation several times. Every time well knead the lump, so that the dye is distributed evenly, until you achieve the desired colour intensity.
Wrap with cling film smooth cutting Board. Pinching off from the lump of mastic small balls, flatten them between your fingers and place on the polyethylene at a distance from each other. Cover all on top of another piece of cling film.
Push the pellet with your fingers through the film, giving it a shape of rose petals. Particularly intense walk around the edges of the plastic mass, so that they become thin and wavy.
Vylepit a piece of mastic droplet, which will be the basis for the roses. Attach the first petal, as if wrapping it around the base. As did the second, and the third petal. Shape the Bud to the desired pomp, a sharp knife, cut the excess from the bottom of the flower and place it on a hard surface. Leave to dry a day in air at room temperature.
Total the flowers into the container and close the lid. Store mastic possible at room temperature for several weeks. Decorate the cake with flowers just before serving. Otherwise, roses can absorb moisture from the environment and fall off.