Receipt about the payment of a fine to restore, of course, it is possible, however, the experience of the majority of citizens caught in such a situation, says that sometimes it is necessary to try very much. If you the fine is paid - refer to "Sberbank". Despite the fact that Bank employees have no legal grounds to refuse the duplicate payment document, the first time to get what you want, most likely, will not work. At best, they promise to call back and report the result of searches. So write a statement which will state the nature of the request. Register it in the Bank and wait for the answer.
To facilitate the work of employees of "Sberbank" in search of your receipts, try to remember the date of payment of the fine in the Bank. If the exact date to be excluded, it should, at least, be called the time period which could be payment, or at least the date of the imposition of a fine.
If you manually find the receipt in the office of "Sberbank" and failed, but the payment date is well established, you should re-write the application to the Bank and ask about the issuance of new receipts. In this case attach a copy of the decision or of the Protocol, specify the date and time of the payment. Please note that all statements are drawn up in two copies: one you send to the Bank, and the second remains at you.
To worry about the consequences if the fine is paid, but the payment did not go through, not worth it. If the case goes to court, just present a copy of the statement written to the Bank.
If you have not lost the paid receipt, contact the traffic police at the place of Commission of the offence. In the statement, specify where, when and by whom was made the administrative Protocol on violation. Based on these data, staff must give you a new account. However, to pay this fine and, by making e – payments payment documents are not needed, but be sure to save your receipt if you used terminal or print a notice, if you do an Internet transfer.