You will need
  • Report, pen, paper.
The basis of well-formulated thesis – a clear, concise report containing the required information on the substance and not containing water. If the report was written hastily and without the necessary structure, to isolate the abstract from it time-consuming and may not always be able to do. Therefore value your time and don't do double work.
Before writing the thesis, think about the intended audience. Imagine what the writing style will be clear for her. Try to come up with a custom course for your students, add a touch of humor, which will soften the dryness of the thesis. This approach will capture and hold attention, the audience will relax and get pleasure from listening to, and you are from applause. Be prepared to repeat the performance encore!
Remember, the simpler your language of presentation, the clearer will be discussed. Very brilliant idea may not find acceptance if will be conveyed to cumbersome structures. This is the feature of oral communication: the listener has no opportunity to listen to it a few times, the essence has to catch on the fly. For this purpose, the specific terms of use only to the audience for which they are understandable and clear. If no strangers to listeners of the term not to manage, decipher it using simple words.
Abstract is a summary containing the main idea. In General, we can distinguish 2 types of abstracts:
a) abstracts, with a clear structure and sequence. In this case, must be the introduction and conclusion. After the introduction follows the main part, where every thesis is a logical consequence confirms or logically linked with the previous one (the previous one). At the end of the conclusion, which contains all arguments. An example of this type can be scientific report that contains one assumption which is then proved. Theses help to follow the logic of evidence.
b) individual abstractsUnited by the theme of the report, but is not logically related to each other, and not deducible from one another. In this case also has an introduction and a conclusion, but more generalized compared with the first embodiment. The introduction can include the word "main provisions are as follows...", "here are the main conclusions...", "you yawn, I will tell only the most interesting..." (don't forget about the magic power of jokes). In the report we can talk about a phenomenon or event, and the thesis will briefly describe the phenomenon from different sides, or describe a course of events.Read the report, highlight the main idea, think about what type of presentation abstracts fits your report that can be placed in the main part, how to formulate maintenance and what should be summarized in the conclusion.