You will need
  • Computer;
  • - Microsoft Word;
  • - Your essay or its outline, the scientific literature, illustrations;
  • - Access to the Internet;
  • - Personal e-mail Inbox.
Carefully read the requirements for submission of abstracts for the conference you are interested in (further – Requirements). For example:- Volume: from 2 to 10 typewritten pages of A4 (can be exactly the specified number of characters with/without spaces);
- Font: Times New Roman, font size: (font size – 12 or 14;
- Line spacing: single or semi-double;
- Margins: left 2,5-3,17, right-1,5-2, top-bottom 2-2. 5 cm;
- Indentation: 1 cm;
Create a new document in Microsoft Word in accordance with the specified Requirements. Save it under the name of [name of the author. Abstracts. Job title] in the format .doc or .rtf
A good abstract consists of:
header (pithy name);
information about the author/authors (name, current status (student, graduate, employee), name of the University or place of work, email address);
- a short introduction that reveals the actuality and novelty of the research, the level of study at the present stage and the main purpose of the work;
- the main part, of the provisions, supported by examples, analysis and conclusions from them;
- conclusion, summarizing all the conclusions of the main part and answering the main question of the report;
- bibliography;
applications in the form of illustrations.Arrange your thoughts in accordance with this plan and Requirements. Save the changes.
At the end in alphabetical order in the numbered list to specify the literature used in preparation for work at the end of the work (from 2 to 7 scientific sources) with the full output (author, title, edition, city, publisher, year, number of pages). Citations in the text take the quotes and make a link to the source in square brackets within the text, with obligatory indication of the number of the source in the bibliography and specific page. When referencing an Internet source give the full web address and the name of the source. Save the changes.
Make sure that the organizers are allowed to use illustrations. Try to pick up 1-2 quality illustrations for the points that would be visually reinforced are made in the conclusions.
Illustrations may be in the form of separate files in the following formats:
vector images created in CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator (extension .cdr .ai);
images created in Microsoft PowerPoint (file extension .ppt) in WinWord, including table and graphics;
- raster images formats .jpg, .tif.Graphics and pictures should be clear black and white. Hats tables should not stand out no color, no font. Save the changes.
Re-read the work. Eliminate grammar, spelling, punctuation, and stylistic errors. Review: margins, font, spacing, amount of work. Save the changes. Send abstracts as an attached file to the address of the organizers, indicating in the subject line the name of the conference. The body of the letter in addition to greetings and notifications sent abstracts do not forget to indicate your contact information to contact you.