Decide what text you will write theses. Depends on this way of working. You can write a thesis to the existing text report to briefly introduce what it says. There are times when the author first briefly outlines the essence of the work, and then writes a voluminous text. Usually these theses concern the formulation of a scientific problem, which is invited to discuss, present the results of research or new methodology.
Carefully read the job for which you intend to write a thesis. Analyze its structure. If you want to write reports or term papers, consider what it will be and what parts should be.
Define the purpose of the work, the relevance of the proposed topics. It briefly formulate and write down.
Formulate the problem addressed in this work.
Briefly describe the existing points of view on this issue. Tell us what your point of view is different from what others offer. If theses to work on a new method of research tell us about existing practices and about what novelty the one you're proposing. Define its advantages and disadvantages.
Will offer the most optimal research methodology. If abstracts are written to work on the research, outlined the basic provisions of the method and a scientific hypothesis. Tell about applied methods, principles and parameters of the sample. Introduce future readers or listeners with intermediate results, if any, and main. Make a conclusion.