The report consists of two parts – the text and illustrations. The first thing you need to pay attention to is to define the purpose of your speech, what you want to convey to the audience. The goal is defined by the title of your report. It should consist of one sentence. It is the theme and purpose of your speech. You must remember that your report needs to include what is stated in the title. Avoid boring facts. Each slide should have its own heading. Don't call slides interrogative sentence.
You must learn the text of the reportand to end your speech a little before the allotted time.
The introductory part of the reportand is an important component. Follow from easy to difficult, start with known facts, phenomena and regularities. To interest his listeners, justify the relevance and importance of your reportand how this problem is consonant with modernity. The understanding and attention of the audience you will be guaranteed.
During the slide show, do not focus only on them, so how can it be lost eye contact with the audience.
If you feel that weakens your audience's attention, you need to change the tone or to make a small pause.
At the end make clear what is important in your opinion.
At the end of the reportand the follow-up questions. The question should clearly repeat that will give you time to understand the subject matter. Your ability to be concise, pithy, simple sentences will provide you with the success of the performance. Now you will not be hard to correctly make a report on the chosen topic.