You will need
  • the application form of the established sample, copy of the identity documents, the contract of social hiring, the warrant,technical data sheet, ballpoint pen
Come to the housing office or passport office at the place of residence (registration).
Fill in the application form where you need to enter from whom the statement (surname, name, patronymic), passport data of the applicant (series, number, whom and when issued), registration address, a phone number where you can contact the applicant. In the statement write "Please..." and indicate that you will need, for example, "Please register my daughter....", "Please provide an extract from the housing of the", "Please register my wife...", etc. Specify the address of residence (Bank statement), put a date and signature. If you want to register a person in the apartment where several tenants, you need to obtain statements from everyone registered.
Provide copies of the documents proving the identity of the inhabitants, was at this address (passport, birth certificate)
Grant agreement or technical passport with registration of property rights.
You must also provide a document on the premises (the warrant, if the apartment building is privatized, the contract of social hiring if the premises is not privatized).
Provide the identity documents of all homeowners.
Provide a certificate of state registration of property rights.
Provide documents confirming powers of the representative to act on behalf of third persons (power of attorney executed in the prescribed manner, and the document proving the identity).
Keep in mind that you will need to provide copies of receipts for payment of utility bills, if you have a debt.
Will receive within five to seven days, a certificate of family composition.
Imagine a certificate of family structure in place for ten days. If you do not provide this document within the expiration date, all you will have to repeat again.