To obtain a certificate of criminal records is possible in the local body of internal Affairs at the place of residence or at the Information Center of the Ministry of interior. Complete the application, indicate the surname, name, patronymic, date and place of birth, nationality and place of residence. In addition, if you have changed name or surname, it should also be noted. Such a statement, you must provide personally at the same time presenting a passport.
If you have no opportunity to obtain such a certificate, use the services of the mediator, issued a notarized power of attorney on the representative of this company. All the work for you will make a different person. You just have to come at the appointed time and pick up a certificate, not forgetting to pay the agreed amount for services. Typically, intermediaries offer to issue a certificate in 2-4 weeks.
Often the receipt of the certificate of no criminal record is required when work visas or residence permit or permanent residence. In this case, you must provide certificates from all countries where you lived more than 6 months from 18, and in some cases 16 years. If you, for example, studied at the University of the same country, then worked in another, you will need the help of the two countries. Where to go? Don't make the expensive trip all the republics and countries where he once lived. Go to the Embassy or Consulate of the desired country, write on it the application form, attach a copy of your passport. In a statement, don't forget to specify when and where exactly you lived in this country. If you have kept copies of the documents confirming this information, please attach to the application.
Your application will be processed and examined within one month, if you get a certificate on the territory of Russia. Much more time it would take to get help from another country. In this case, get help from your acquaintances, friends, relatives by issuing them a power of attorney. Or refer to the services organizations that provide such services. Then you don't have to worry and be nervous about burning time.