You will need
  • - passport;
  • - surname, name and patronymic of the recipient and the place of its location;
  • - fountain pen;
  • - the amount of cash that covers the size of the transfer and the Commission.
Select the system services you want to use. In the former Soviet Union, their range is large enough. You can use the international system of Western Union, or any of the many other. The main guiding criteria: price, speed of transaction (from 15 minutes to three days), the choice of point of delivery (depending on system this may be either in the city or country or one particular on the choice of the sender), the number of complaints of users (in some systems, unfortunately, frequent crashes).
If you chose a system where you can receive the money in only one particular item, contact the recipient and agree upon the address most convenient for him.
Contact the nearest points of reception of payments for the selected system. Most often it is banks, working with several systems of remittances simultaneously. But there can be outlets: cellular and others.
Inform the operator about his desire to make a transfer to Armenia, call system, which would like to take, the amount and currency of the transfer (most systems operate with dollars and euros, many also with rubles).
Fill you a teller of paper. They will need to indicate the surname, name and subject first name of the recipient, the country where it is located and, if necessary, city and address specific item transfer (to specify the exact address of the operator, whose hand should be a list) and the data sender. If you want to make a mark in the designated places: for example, that neither you nor the recipient are officials that the translation is not associated with commercial activities, etc.
Tell the teller filled the papers and his passport. If necessary, answer their questions, sign in suggested locations.
Deposit funds: transfer amount plus Commission.
Will receive in return a receipt and a paper indicating the control number of the transfer.
Pass in any convenient way (by phone, SMS, email, and through any messaging program) money transfer control number to the recipient. To get money he must also know the system by which they are transferred, amount, name, name and patronymic of the sender.