Learning how to transfer money to Italy, first review the ways of payment in different systems. First, analyze which system is most convenient to use in each specific case, given the urgency of transfer and the amount you have to pay for the services of the Bank or other institution. Remember that the easiest way to transfer, using the world famous Western Union system, which is used by millions of people around the world. But in this case, although money is the direct recipient and will receive in the shortest possible time, will have to pay a hefty Commission of 5%.
To transfer money to Italy, you can use the MoneyGram system, representing on their own the official website for detailed information on transferring money. Keep in mind that the most profitable money to send in euros, as in the transformation of dollars into European currency the rate of its conversion is not loyal and is 1.56, although almost all financial institutions of Europe cross-rate fluctuates at the level of 1.44.
Consider the translation "Leader", but to get funds transferred is not available in all Italian banks and financial institutions in Italy, operating on this system, you can get directly to any Russian Bank, through which aiming to send the funds. Taking advantage of the system "Leader", have to pay 3% of the amount of the ongoing cash transfer as a fee for using this service.
Secondly, making a money transfer to Italy, consider the terms for which the recipient can get the funds. In this case, note that if the Western Union system "Leader" and offer customers instant transfers, and in Italy the money you can get your hands on for ten minutes after their sending, in other banks the money transfer will be carried out at least three days.
Thirdly, please note the restrictions on the mandrel of foreign currency from Russia, and also to receive transferred funds in Italy. For example, at the moment a citizen of Russia during the day can transfer abroad only to an amount not exceeding 5 000 $, and according to Italian laws, one person can get hands on no more than 2 500 € for 24 hours. And if domestic banks will warn you about the maximum size of the transfer, something about the Italian laws you can not tell.