For the manufacture of boats prepare tools and two boards with a length of 3.6 meters. The width of each Board should be 50 cm and a thickness of 20 cm. Take two support straps and place them in a position to hold the beams for the construction of the boat, one plank should be placed slightly above and the second below.
To brace the bow of the boat saw a piece of timber, and then saw out feed bar, the length of which should be 60 cm Width planks for the stern is 25 cm.
The ends are installed on the frame boards together on the nose the future of the boat and attach the lumber sawed for the nose brace, with screws. The opposite ends of boards which will be on the stern, attach the strap to the stern.
On top of the aft straps attach with screws wooden seat. Thus, you now have a basis for a boat without a bottom. To install the bottom turn the boat upside down and attach it to a Board of desired length and width, filling the empty space in the bottom.
Then take and hemp, using a blunt chisel and mallet, firmly hammer tow all the cracks of the boat. After filling the cracks with a tow will prestolite joints of boards. From inside the boat a short distance from its bottom secure strap that will serve as the basis for future seats.
On top of the planks, install the boards for the seat and screw them on. Last clip on the sides of the boat oarlocks for oars.