First and foremost, of course, it is the most popular for attracting money plant, which in the vernacular they call the "money tree". On scientific it is called crassula or jade. It is believed that this plant will be stronger to attract money, if you put it in a pot of green or red colors. During this procedure, don't forget to put on the bottom of this dish to a coin. Legend says that the flowering of this flower represents the unexpected wealth.
Geranium, in addition to its simplicity, many known that repels harmful insects. It turns out, this plant will also attract money into the house. Where is this flower, always together with the stability of the present prosperity.
Such plants as the cactus, are able to preserve your financial well-being from various sorts of troubles. In addition, the cactus not only saves money, but also multiplies their number. Providing all the conditions favorable for its growth, expect immense gratitude. By the way, the money comes into the house as suddenly as it blooms this plant.
The five plants that best attract money into the house, also one room bamboo. Otherwise it is called so - dracaena sanderiana. Bringing home the mascot wait for good luck and prosperity in the material Affairs. It is considered that with the growth of the bamboo should expect and increase of cash income. To help attract money dracaena sander can toad with a coin in his mouth.
Last cash mascot is the fern Nephrolepis. This plant protects you from unnecessary and unintended costs. Due to this, your financial wellbeing is becoming stable. Many people say that before you become rich, they become a fern Nephrolepis.