You must choose how you are going to attract luck: to use the professional services of different kinds of magicians either do everything themselves. In the first case, it is better to look for a fortune teller through a friend. Despite the fact that in the print media and the Internet is full of announcements on this topic, not all of them plausible. Therefore, consult the people you trust. Be sure to discuss what kind of services you need. Because "witches" are different. Someone specializiruetsya only on family matters, and someone just helps in business.
If you prefer to do on their own, it is possible to learn several techniques. For example, Feng Shui. This doctrine is described in detail what things attract good luck, repel and which. For example, to earn profit, you can attach panels with bills of different value on a Desk.
If you trust the Russian tradition, there is a lot of popular ways to attract good luck. Basically it is a conspiracy, you can find them on various sites on relevant topics. But the spell acted, it is necessary to fulfill several conditions: to be friendly to the buyer, not to tell competitors about their failures, even not to drink alcohol a week before the ritual.
Also, there are a few reasonable rules, which would do well to adhere to. Don't try to get everything at once - is a direct path to ruin. Do not try to find some common formula trade. Better create your own set of rules, given the characteristics of your business, and refuse it not. Never consider the profits that have not yet received, such negligence can result in large losses. And finally, be sure to use intuition. After all, no one better than you knows what you need. So learn to respect and listen to your inner voice. It will bring you luck!