Advice 1: How to write a song in English

English is the language of international communication. There is nothing surprising in the fact that some young people who practice music tend to make their songs understandable for people from other countries. Hence, there is a fashion for English-language songs all over the world.
The song is in English.
You will need
  • musical instrument, a poem, a dictionary of the English language, knowledge of English grammar
Start with writing the lyrics. Write the poem first in Russian language. Then translate it into English. Of course, you have to know English at least at a basic level to make the transfer. Look in the library or the bookseller publishing interesting English poet in the language of the original. You will see that the rhyme - concept internationally. If you plan to use it in the lyrics of the song to work with it in the same way as you work with rhyme in the Russian language. Pick words that resonate in the endings, for example, verbal rhymes, or search for harmony within words to create internal rhyme.
Work with the dictionary
Try to avoid cliches and common places in the text of your song. Do not use banal rhymes and meanings. If you can't find the right expression, use the dictionary, search for a hint in the Internet or consult with friends who know English.
The melody will come, if you have something to sing
The English language is rather "melodious", so it will be easy to be sung. Pick up the chords under your penned text. If you already have experience in songwriting, you will have no difficulty to compose the music for songs in any language. By the way,you can go in reverse order - first compose the melody, and it is to write words.
May your song waiting for the world.
Don't worry if the translation you will have to replace a few words, it is normal practice when translating a text. The main thing is to keep the main meaning of the utterance.
Useful advice
Work on your pronunciation, it is difficult to listen to songs with a strong accent. When singing, the emphasis is smoothed a bit, but I suggest you include English songs and sing along with the performer. So you can work on pronunciation and develop their performing abilities.

Advice 2: How to make a song

Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of music, feels the need for the creation of new musical works. A few tips for those who don't know where to start.
How to make a song
You will need
  • Inspiration is desirable;
  • Electronic musical instrument with the input Jack;
  • Cable outputs with "Jack" and "minijack" (if the outputs of only one type, the corresponding connectors);
  • The computer with installed sound ...
  • Speakers or headphones;
  • Poems are going to write music;
  • A piece of paper and pen (or tape recorder);
  • The basics of musical knowledge and ear for music.
If there is inspiration, call it. It's not difficult.

The text is, so just read it aloud, playing instrument chords in random order in different keys. Experiment with the size and rhythm.
If you usually compose for a keyed instrument, grasp the guitar, improvise on it. Conversely, if you compose on the guitar, sit behind the keys. Try even to compose verse at the piano, and the chorus - the guitar. All the ideas on paper or a voice recorder.
Listen to your favorite song, analyze its elements: melody, rhythm, harmony, more. Determine what it is you like.
Think about what feelings the song will cause listeners. Emotional will tell you where to begin the song.
Reflect through play your emotions
Think of the Intro. This should be a short fragment based on a certain rhythm, melodic or timbral (instrumental) paint. Often, the entry becomes a "calling card" song, it will all work. Make it vivid and short.
Do not join long
After a few improvisations, You will have a melody. It will be the core of the songs, the theme of the solo (verse). Continue to improvise, you now need to compose the theme of the chorus.
How to make a song
Topics vary from verse to verse. Do not get carried away, but can you at least change the tone (raise of a semitone or tone), add some broken gear or something else.
Proceed with the arrangement. Sign bass to the melody. Change it not more than two quarters and not less than two to four bars. Too fast a change will not be heard, and too long stop will be to bore the audience.
The bass may not be varied.
Bass, too, can change. In the second or third verse raise or lower it in some places a third, but if the melody has changed a lot, the bass is not much touch.
Now get rhythm and harmony. They are so interlinked that sometimes are called in one word – removemenu. This chord, paint music, the substrate between the bass and melody.

Follow the frequency of pulsation of harmony. It should match the character of the song. With measured melody can be a frequent pulse, and melodies with complex rhythm can be slow pulse. The main thing – to justify, to prove that it's necessary.
Harmony must match the movement and character of a melody
Compose toady. It can be just below the melody or a little higher. Sounds like a rule, in the pauses after the main melody, and, in addition, for the most part, in the pauses. Give it a tone that is different from the main melody and the volume slightly lower.
An example of a voice over the melody (stems up)
Errors in composition – this is not an error, and a violation of the law. A violation of the law in art is not a violation, and the search for a new. Therefore be mistaken. Mistakes will lead you to interesting passages in the melody, rhythm, harmony and other elements.
This is the most basic method works, it takes into account not all of the items that are allowed in the composition. Keep experimenting, looking for new forms. So developed his individual style and creative style.
Gathering material for a song, don't try all of his "push" in one piece. Surely you will find a melody that more is not suitable in the current work, and more.
Useful advice
If the music doesn't come immediately, don't despair. The composition may take a week or a month. And can take all day. Please be patient and write down all the thoughts that come to mind.
Is the advice useful?