You will need
  • musical instrument, a poem, a dictionary of the English language, knowledge of English grammar
Start with writing the lyrics. Write the poem first in Russian language. Then translate it into English. Of course, you have to know English at least at a basic level to make the transfer. Look in the library or the bookseller publishing interesting English poet in the language of the original. You will see that the rhyme - concept internationally. If you plan to use it in the lyrics of the song to work with it in the same way as you work with rhyme in the Russian language. Pick words that resonate in the endings, for example, verbal rhymes, or search for harmony within words to create internal rhyme.
Work with the dictionary
Try to avoid cliches and common places in the text of your song. Do not use banal rhymes and meanings. If you can't find the right expression, use the dictionary, search for a hint in the Internet or consult with friends who know English.
The melody will come, if you have something to sing
The English language is rather "melodious", so it will be easy to be sung. Pick up the chords under your penned text. If you already have experience in songwriting, you will have no difficulty to compose the music for songs in any language. By the way,you can go in reverse order - first compose the melody, and it is to write words.
May your song waiting for the world.