Write the words in legible handwriting on paper or type on a computer in wordscom document, and then print out. If you find it hard to read the text in English, write it in Russian letters.
Try not to distort the sound. If you are not familiar with the special vocabulary they use when learning English, make up your own, so not to be confused with the similar sounds.
For convenience, break up the lyrics into small paragraphs or quatrains. Now read and zadubrovie songas a poem in school. When she would bounce from the teeth, keep a "cheat sheet" and try to sing a song to the music. It? Then everything is fine. If no – continue to memorize the text.
You can also rewrite the lyrics on the paper a few times. Continue this exercise until, until no peeking at the original. If you write without prompts – so you've memorized the words.
Listen to the songyou want to learn, using headphones. So you will not be distracted by any noise and you will be able to focus on the words of the work. In this case put in front of him the lyrics of the song and repeat the words for the performer.
This way, if possible, replace karaoke. It can be used together with the text to learn the correct tone and sound. In exchange for the performance scores, you will strive for the best results.
To feel the words of the song, you need to understand its purpose – what it wants to tell the singer or the singer. Translate the song in Russian language. Better, of course, if you make it yourself with the help of the Anglo-Russian dictionary at the same time and English will learn.
When you know what song, to learn it will not be difficult. Besides, doing it you will have to use the right emotions to show the sadness, grief or joy.
Learn the words to the song, start to practice the correct pronunciation of English words, rhythm and tone.