The construction of small architectural forms

If you have at least some skills working with wood, the rural population can be engaged in the construction of small architectural forms, as it allows the size and utility rooms that do not need to pay the rent. Forms of these quite a lot, and not still covered by the manufacturer's attention. Even if you produce something similar, that exclusive project, price and distance from town will allow you to be competitive.

Increasingly deployed in the construction of country houses, cottages, mansions, small houses and cottages. The demand for wooden buildings is also growing. If pergolas, decorative fountains, and swings can be sale easily, high-quality, beautiful box for the dog can only do yourself – they are very few. Along with the box for the owner's pet can be not just a dog house and the decoration of the area. Enough to make it to the rooftop balcony, a small terrace and Windows.

Fantasy will in this case play an important role. Moreover, the materials in this box will take a bit, and the value can be set as what you want, because the market isn't full of dog "cottages". If you perform, in every country house where the owners live all year round, have a dog. She must be a booth or enclosure. And people who give big money landscape designers, do not miss this highlight.

Breeding hens and ornamental birds

In recent years, the popularity of such a hobby, like breeding chickens. Of course, eggs, which bring the chickens, good for the economy, but now with no less zeal and fighting breed ornamental chickens, Guinea fowl and even peacocks. And again, the coops for this Hobbies find quite problematic. It is clear that the feathered beauties, peacocks, and just chickens - hens are much nicer to hold in an interesting "toy" house, rather than in the structure, clumsily hammered together from pieces of plywood. And again imagination will help the manufacturer to find a buyer.

Making garden furniture from wood

Never enough garden furniture, excess sell plastic and wrought products, and wood very little. Meanwhile, plastic dining group is not always possible to keep under the open sky, because it can either be stolen, or it may eventually become deformed. Wrought iron furniture is too expensive, but the light wooden benches, small tables, shelves, garden and pergolas to buy either nowhere or too small a choice.

You can complain that pretentious buildings can make people with great abilities. This is partly true, but in DIY stores now have a large selection of ready-made wooden plates carved with lace patterns, there are various shaped bars, etc. will only build the main shape of the product and to decorate it with purchased hardware.

You should not write-and private craftsmen. If you take at least one such master, he can elevate any ready thing are usually made workers with no special talents. This niche market is still not filled. The demand is there, let it be a product for this demand.

Additional business ideas for rural areas

Dog (cat) overexposure. Large square footage can play a very positive role in this matter. Given that one of the dogs in the day, the owner of overexposure receives from 300 rubles, and should contain at least 10 dogs, then it is easy to calculate profits. It is important to know the rules of the arrangement of overexposure.

Production of cheese is important. Of course, you will need some knowledge and attachment, but this activity is worth it. The cultivation of strawberries in the garden year-round will also bring a good profit.