If you plan to do breeding birds, the site for the construction and organization of farms choose further from the larger settlements and neighbouring farms. It's a bad environment, high likelihood of infectious diseases of birds, harming the process of breeding breeding hens and other poultry.
If you are planning to organize the production of commodities, in order to provide the city with products of your farm, you'd better rent a plot, which is as close to the points of sale.
The production area will depend upon which type of feeding you have chosen. After all, geese or ostriches can be kept on pasture or in all seasons to feed combined fodder. Based on the fact that geese need 10 square metres of land for each individual, and ostriches better to graze on a fenced allotment. Waterfowl requires you to take care of the pond.
Contact a local veterinary service for information on sanitary suitability of your chosen area.
If you have to organize commodity farm for profitability to grow at the same time from 500 to 800 individuals. Prior to the commencement of construction of the house, make a contract on supply of birds. Select a reliable manufacturer that keeps farms in your area.
Remember that the bird can not tolerate drafts. Keep this in mind during the construction of the house. Close the drafts when you convert another room. For young the foresight to make a heated room, although the summer is enough to equip a large aviary. Calculate the area of your house depending on the planned livestock. For example, chicken and quail prefer to live crowded, thus, the area of the house for these types may be smaller than geese and turkeys.
Take care of the purchase of the necessary equipment. The number of feeders calculate so that the food has got access to all birds. Make sure the warehouse was roomy refrigeration compartment. Modern drinkers and the incubator will increase the profitability of your production.
Will be useful for the parallel production. Increase the profitability of agriculture through plant for the processing of down and feathers.