Despite the fact that to obtain the status of a lawyer, you must pass a qualifying examination in all areas of law, practicing lawyers, as a rule, have a fairly narrow specialization. In this regard, the level of training of each of the lawyers, on various categories of cases may vary.
In order to choose the lawyerwho will be able to provide the highest quality legal assistance in a particular case, you should find out who the lawyers specializiruetsya on the cases in this category. If you want a defender in a criminal case, information about the quality of the services provided, it is possible to obtain from those who themselves have faced criminal prosecution. At the same time, care should be taken to refer to the recommendations of investigators and prosecutors who can advise to hire a less qualified person, in order to facilitate the investigation process.
The choice of a lawyer in a civil case also has its own specifics. To make a recommendation on the choice of the professional lawyer-the jurist can realtors and lawyers from various organizations.
Without a doubt, the main criterion in choosing a lawyer is the proportion of the total number of trials conducted with his participation to the number of cases performed successfully. But unfortunately, objective information about owned only the court staff.
After selecting a lawyer, it is a agreement, which usually stipulates the cost of his services and the stage of proceedings in which the lawyer will be involved. For example, the agreement on the protection of the suspect and the accused during the preliminary investigation or protection in the course of consideration of criminal case by the court. A lawyer who is involved in all stages of the proceedings in the case, has complete information about all the available nuances, which will be able to develop the most correct line of protection.
After the agreement and payment of legal services, head of advocacy agencies issued the warrant on the basis of which the lawyer gets to work on the case.