You will need
  • HP USB Format Storage.
First try to clean the stick using the mobile phone (the camera). Open the settings menu in the device. Select the submenu "Memory" and will remove all information from the stick. Of course, you need to select "Formatting" and not just manually delete all the files.
If after following this procedure, the drive still asks for a password, connect it to the computer. To do this, use the reader the right format.
Click on "My computer". Locate the icon of the flash drive and click the right mouse button. Select "Format". Set the parameters for the implementation of this process. Use only the file system, which is supported by this flash drive.
Click "Start" and wait till complete cleaning of the drive. Safely remove the stick. Reconnect it to the computer and check its performance.
If a normal format does not bring the desired results, install the HP USB Format Storage. Run this utility and connect the flash drive to the computer.
In the Device, select the correct drive. Now let's examine the available options in the File menu System. Specify the file system format, which is not used at the moment. Ie if present, the flash drive works with FAT32, choose NTFS.
Remove the tick from Quick Format. Click Start and wait until finish formatting the drive and changing the file system.
After that, remove the flash drive from the card reader and connect it to your mobile phone. Make sure that the memory card is ready for use and does not require a password. If you use an adapter on the format SD, check the location of the latch, blocking the entry of information to the drive.