You will need
  • cable to connect to the computer;
  • - card reader.
Go to the security settings of your phone and remove the lock from a flash card, typing your password to view its files. If the code accessing the files was installed using third-party tools, unlock the map using the same program you used when establishing protection. Please note that the version of the application should in this case be the same.
If your flash card has been restricted access without your intervention, and you don't know the password to unlock it – format it to start with Windows from the menu "My computer", and then reformat via the menu memory card of your mobile device.
To unprotect the files on the flash card of phone switch in the Unlock position. This type of lock provides for the protection of map elements from deletion, move, rename and other operations with files.
If you have any problems accessing the files on the flash card Nokia mobile phone (this often happens in models that use micro SD) and to many functions of the file has restricted access (the inability to use music as a ringtone, open files third-party applications, the flash drive does not open on the computer, checked antivirus and so on), use the recovery card through the phone menu.
In this case, if you have the opportunity to access the map, check for viruses, but in most cases, when trying to access files it just re-appears startup. The only solution is a complete format via the phone, which is impossible to do not formatting it through the computer, which also causes certain difficulties.
So load your computer in safe mode and start formatting the card by connecting it through card reader. You can try and through the phone, however, most likely, a positive result, you will not succeed.
Format the card through menu "Administration" in the control panel of the computer, and then insert it into your phone and format it through the menu. Re-formatting is necessary. Minus here of the impossibility of making copies of files before their complete removal, so periodically create backups on the computer.