The main restrictions

Quite often in already old devices stop working the stick that was in the kit. This is due to the fact that the number of write cycles a flash memory is limited. Either becomes greater amount of space available for use.

But the FAT16 file system can address maximum of 4 GB of disk space. This means that you can format the partition with a size of, for example, 8GB in FAT16 it is impossible. Therefore, the maximum size USB drive for this device is 4 GB. Although it is worth noting that 4 GB is the unofficial maximum capacity, fully meet the standard with only 2 GB, but using a cluster size of 64 KB, it is possible to double the maximum size. Most devices acceleration read without problems.

The new drives come already formatted, usually in FAT32, which is not suitable. But if the flash drive is placed in the maximum amount (4GB or less) – it is not difficult to reformat.


If the stick is 2GB or less, you should use the standard method for formatting in Windows. To do this, open "My computer" and then right-click on the drive corresponding to flash drive. Then click the menu "Format...". In the formatter, select file system FAT (which is FAT16).

If the flash drive over 2GB (e.g., 4GB), the standard formatter will not be FAT file system. To still format, you will have to use the command line. Go to the start menu, then find the group "Standard", and in it command line.

At the command prompt, type the command format x: /fs:fat where x is the letter of the stick (as it appears in "My computer") and press Enter. The program will issue a warning about possible incompatibilities and asks whether to perform the formatting. Answer Y (in the English keyboard layout). Then, if prompted, enter the volume label and press Enter. Now the flash drive is formatted in FAT16 and it is possible to use outdated devices.

What if the flash drive over 4 GB

In the case of drives larger than 4GB, format it to FAT16 will not be able reducing the size. It is possible to reduce the specialized programs, changing the volume of the main section. But the compatibility with the equipment of the approach in question, there is a risk disable your unit (depending on used controller). So it's easier to just buy a USB flash drive of size 4 GB.