As a modern child sees mom and dad? If you ask this question directly to the child, you can obtain approximately the following response: "Mom – the person who is always there. She feeds, washes, cleans, plays, bakes, buys sweets brings". With no problems performs several actions simultaneously.

What the baby sees the dad? The complete opposite of my mom. Dads never home he is always at work, makes money, comes later and scolds when you do something wrong. And the life of the Pope house is for recreation: reading Newspapers and watching football. The father is not perceived as a friend, buddy, family. This one comes performing punitive functions.

The child does not always understand that mom and dad as equal parents, and it's not just that dad's always at work. It plays the role and the attitude of the father towards the child's upbringing in the first years of life. Often, young dads answer the question about their role in raising children: "Let him grow, let him go to the garage to repair the car, play football or hockey, and yet let the mother and grandparents do."

The child feels it and understands. In the future it will definitely affect the adult relationships of the child with the father. Lack of communication in infancy always leads to more cool communication in adolescence, the child is not produced attachment to the Pope, difficulties in communication and understanding. And no joint trip to the garage or in football the situation radically does not change.

Unfortunately, our mentality is not inherent manifestation of paternal affection towards the baby. It is very rare to see my dad not just walking with a child down the street and holding him on her lap, draws together, or admiring the first children's victories. Surprising dad looks at the matinee in kindergarten. Even if your celebration is in the day, the father there hard to get.

It's one thing when the reason is the need for a Pope to make, and the only way – long hours at work from morning to evening. It is an objective reality that can not escape. Although such fathers should find time for their loved ones. After all, in this family the mother is forced to perform the duties of a parent for two, which made her twice as hard. But there is another case. When a parent believes that Lisp to your baby unmanly, and below the dignity of man

Choosing how you will raise the baby and how much time to devote to him from childhood, remember that it will definitely affect your relationship with your child in the future.