Turn the work book contains all the necessary information about the hiring and subsequent dismissal, transfer to another position. The first record of any person getting the information about the job. The organization, which arranged the laborer must put your stamp. It is located in the upper Central part of the paper has an elongated rectangular shape and contains the full company name and legal form. In the absence of these data is written from the hand of a personnel officer.
Next in the left box shall bear the serial number of the record and its date in numeric format. The information begins with the word "Accepted/a", then the name of the Department vacancy. For example: "transportation Department of the courier". The right graph includes the number and date of orders on staff, which are accompanied by any personnel changes.
A record of the transfer to another structural unit or on a higher position, is made similarly, but without re-affixed the stamp, and it begins with the word "Transferred/a" followed by the designation of a new division or space. Date and number of order. The increase in discharge is written in the form "Rated nth discharge such and such specialty".
Any movement that accompany the activities of the organization are reflected in the employment records of its employees, and if she for some reason is renamed, this fact also is noted. For example: ZAO "Plus" is renamed to CJSC "Plus standard". Career of the worker is not reflected.
Information about the dismissal more informative and contain an extended list of mandatory for inclusion of data. After the word "Dismissed/a" must be based: on their own, in connection with the expiration of fixed-term employment contract, in order to transfer to another company. Next, always state the article of the Labour code. For example, your own desire is section 3 of article 77 of the LC RF.
Grounds for dismissal fall into four categories: the desire of the employee, the will of the employer in connection with the wrongful actions of the employee (absenteeism), the agreement of the parties or an independent cause. The latter include staff reduction, liquidation or reorganization of the company. In addition to the other data present in the implementation of the record of employment, it contains the name and signature of the person or dismiss the inspector of the personnel Department and the seal of the organization. Below is the string "Read/a" and the receipt of the employee – owner employment record.