At the pet store you can buy a special device for walking cat harness. The harness is very handy, but the first time to understand how it is put sometimes quite difficult.
The standard harness is made from nylon ribbon with felt-lined and looks like a closed ring, with attached strap. Due to the presence of the regulator ring size you can change depending on the size of your cat. Using the carabiner to the harness additionally attached the leash.
The ring must be worn on the neck of the cat through the head. While the harness should be placed so that the carabiner to attach the leash at the top and the jumper connecting the ring with the strap between the front paws of a cat.
Gently push the right paw of the animal into the space between the ring and the strap.
And the free end of the strap pass under the left paw and fasten. Clasp near the place of attachment of the carabiner to the leash.
Wearing a harness, but you want the cat to feel comfortable in it. Put the animal on its feet and check that the ring and the strap squeezed the throat and armpits. At the same time the harness needs to sit tight enough so the cat can't get out. If necessary, loosen or tighten the strap. Attach to harness leash.