Be careful buying harnesses. After all, the rabbit is a cowardly animal enough. If on the street it will scare a sharp sound, the scream, the exhaust from the car, the dog or cat, it can start to run around in hysterics. If it does not slip out of the harness and didn't strangle myself.
A good harness for a rabbit in the neck should not be tightened like a noose, and the hook on the buckle. The jumper on the back should form a letter "H", if you look at the animal side. Harnesses in these designs are specifically for rabbits. Also suitable harnesses small sizes for cats and dogs.
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There are also special suits for walking. They look like a t-shirt with attached around the waist leash. Such harnesses are good that in case of danger you can raise a rabbit on the leash, this without causing it any harm.
как одевать шлейку на маленьких собак
A typical harness consists of two open rings. Take the rabbit in his arms. Smaller ring like a leash, put the animal on the neck and button. Check on the animal sits harness: it should not be too tight. To do this, insert a finger between the collar and the neck of the rabbit – if it passes, then the harness fastened properly. Simultaneously, the harness should not hang below the rabbit wouldn't slip out of it.
как сшшитьь шлейку для собаки
Skip the second strap under the belly of the rabbit and zip it. Do not overtighten harness, but check that it is not hanging on the animal. Make sure that the ring which fastened the carabiner of the leash is at the top on the back of the animal.
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Don't keep a rabbit immediately into the street. Let the animal get used to the uniforms. For several days wear a harness at home, gradually increasing the time that the rabbit spends in it. After the animal gets used, it can be taken outdoors.