You will need
  • - a treat for kitty;
  • - warm cozy house;
  • - Catnip.
Purchase a cozy home for the kitten. There must be a closed space, the hole where he will sleep, open space for games, and lasagna. It is desirable that one side was attached to a scratching post, so you will save your furniture and curtains from smoke.
Find a good location for the house. Usually the kitten chooses the places in which he feels comfortable. It can be armchair, sofa, battery, or even your bed. Try to set the house near the place where he usually likes to lie a kitten. Maybe a little time will pass and it will become his favorite place.
Attach to the house favorite cat toys and feathers. Lured pet him and show that there is also to play. The kitten will adapt, and then can Express interest and begin the exploration of new territories. Well, if building consists of several levels, where the animal can climb and play.
Put in house litter and impregnate her Catnip or Valerian dry RUB. Some kittens after such action refuse to even get out of his hiding place to eat. But use the herb in very small quantities, because its constant use is addictive. If your pet is accustomed to wrap up in one of your thing - a scarf or an old cap put them in the house.
Play with your kitten near his new home and inside it. Praise and reward him a treat if he comes and stays there. Make the house cozy, make him a warm bed or put her favorite toy of your cat. If it's small enough, you can at first use the rubber bottle with warm water. Put it under the cat-coverings, and the kitten happy to get such a cushy job.