Where you may have to submit income certificate

Certificate of income of physical persons under the form 2-NDFL may require the employee, including the one that no longer works in the enterprise in many cases. She will need at the new place of work or in the case where the tax agent, an organization where you have worked before, did not deter the amount of income taxes. This certificate will be required when you want to make the standard tax deduction, which relies, for example, children or if you are engaged in writing activities.

The submission of such information is a mandatory requirement when making large loans, especially if you want to get a loan at a lower interest rate. She may need to receive different kinds of cash payments, a pension or a visa. Proof of income is required to submit to the guardianship, if you want to adopt a child or to the court where you act as a plaintiff in a labor dispute.

How to request an income statement

In accordance with article 62 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation and paragraph 3 of article 230 of the Tax code of the Russian Federation, in your written statement the employer must give you a salary certificate within three working days. It does not matter whether you are working at the company currently or already retired, also no matter how many times you ask for similar certificates of income. The employer can issue you such a certificate at hand, but may be sent by registered mail with the enclosure list, if you prefer. In this case, to confirm the execution of your legal requirements, the employer will issue a notification stating that the package you presented. This method is more convenient for you and for the employer as it prevents issues in cases of labor disputes.

In the case where you require confirmation of income in the period during which you have changed several jobs, it is not necessary to contact all these organizations for information on form 2-NDFL. Because they are all such certificates to the tax office you can obtain information about his income for a given period of time the tax authority where you are registered at the place of residence. It's enough to write in any form a statement showing the period for which information is required, and send it to the appropriate address. Information should be provided to you within 30 calendar days from the time the application is received in the tax office.