You will need
  • coordinates tax inspection;
  • computer;
  • paper and printer (not in all cases)
  • - the postal service (not in all cases);
  • - The tax code of the Russian Federation and other normative acts depending on the situation.
Each complaint must specify the body to which it is addressed (in sufficient numbers of inspections or the name of the parent body, for example, regional UFNS) and the data about the applicant (your full name, VAT number and registered address, at the address of the legal entity: legal address, KPP, OGRN, the applicant's position). If your actual address does not coincide with the registration address or legal address, enter the address which to send the response. If all these conditions are not met, the complaint will not be considered.The title should indicate whose actions you are appealing: name of firm data or specific officials, if known (if unknown, write), and his place of work.
In the content of the statements specify the circumstances under which you became aware of the facts that you believe a violation of which provisions of the current legislation they disagree. The last is optional, but highly desirable, as is seen more clearly and is about the applicant as a competent person.Avoid the text of the emotion ratings, the more threats and insults. The presence in the text of the last - a reason to leave the complaint without consideration. Please try to include as much information as possible, identifying those for whom you are complaining: name of firm, the names of the officers, INN, KPP, OGRN, legal and actual address etc., date and time of each incident you referred to.
After stating all the circumstances I consider it necessary to report, write about what ask the tax authority. This is usually the inspection you set out the facts and according to its results the measures stipulated by the current legislation. You may also request to be informed about the results of the review, and specify the address at which to do it.It is helpful to specify in the letter the phone for operative communication. If you have documents confirming stated in the complaint the facts, it is better to make copies of them and list them in the text indicating the number of sheets. When sending a complaint via the Internet, you can attach scanned copies of documents in separate files. In this case, specify in the text the names of these files and the names of the documents they contain.