The first way to remove stains from sunflower oil with clothes is the most simple, but at the same time the most effective. The thing spoiled sunflower oil, should be put on a flat surface. On the very oil, you should pour a handful of common salt and cover it from above with a piece of clean cotton fabric. Further along the fabric to spend a hot iron. If the stain is from sunflower oil large enough, salt must change and repeat the procedure again. By the way, instead of salt for removing oil stains from clothes, you can use potato starch.
To remove the stain from a garment of sunflower oil you can use a special, pre-cooked solution. It consists of one teaspoon of ammonia, teaspoon of detergent, for example for dishwashing, and a half Cup of warm water. A cotton swab dipped in the resulting solution, wipe contaminated oil patch of clothing on the reverse side. Next, the stain should result in a clean cloth and ironed her hot iron.
To wash the stain of sunflower oil can be useful and gasoline. Folded several times a piece of white cotton fabric to be attached to pollution. On the reverse side of things, you should wipe the stain in a circular motion with the help of soaked in gasoline cotton swab.
For removing clothes stains from sunflower oil, you can prepare a special mixture consisting of one teaspoon ammonia, two teaspoons of turpentine and grated soap. This mixture should be applied to pollution. After 10-15 minutes a homemade stain remover to wash off with warm water or remove with a damp sponge.