The sale of great importance is the length (not less than 25 centimeters) and appearance of hair. To improve their condition and, accordingly, raise the price one to two weeks, do not use tools and instruments for laying, regularly use a revitalizing mask and be sure to use a balm after shampooing. If you have uncolored hair with a grey hair, its not paint, as the presence of paint on the hair reduces their cost.
To find an organization that will buy your hair, look at the ads about buying hair on poles, in Newspapers or the Internet. Usually these ads offer beauty salons, Studio hair, stores hairdressers.
The condition, length and hair colour affect their value. Depending on the appearance and place of sale of 100 grams of hair can be sold for 500-10000 rubles. If your hair is long, colorless, silky, straight or curly, do not have split ends, you will be able to sell your scythe at the maximum price. Cheaper is not long enough, painted, gray, curly, tangled, dull, brittle strands.
Evaluate your hair and choose the most advantageous offer, based on the state of your hair and the prices listed in the ad. Immediately before the visit to the customer, wash your hair with shampoo with balsam and carefully comb them.
Come in organization, which is engaged in the purchase of hair and (if the final cost after the evaluation of the master you want, sit in the Barber chair. Master comb your hair and tie them tight them with a rubber band, below which approximately five inches to start up another one. Then the Barber will separate the desired portion of hair, making the cut with a pair of scissors between the two tied rubber bands.
After the hair part for sale will be cut, tell the wizard how you would like to get a haircut. When a haircut is finished, go to the administrator and get paid for cut hair.